Technical advice

Project technical design: Tell us about your manufacturing project and our technical office will offer you advice on how to develop the fastest, most economical solution.

Sheet metal development calculation: Simply send us a 2D or 3D model of the part you need to manufacture and we will take care of everything, from your idea to the finished product.

Laser cutting

We cut all kinds of ferroalloys and aluminium, from 0.1mm to 20mm thick. We have an extensive stock of certified, high-quality materials.

Our high-end machinery provides the best results in the industry.

We offer you the industry’s maximum guarantees in terms of finish, reliability and results.

We take on your challenges as our own and we consider your satisfaction our standard.

We have a large stock of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel in all finishes: brushed, 2B and mirror. We pay great attention to detail when handling the material, keeping the steel free from contamination both during storage and during production processes.

We supply parts with blunted edges to ensure safe handling without protective gloves.

Since January 2019 we have owned a fiber laser cutting machine that allows us to cut up to 10mm of copper, brass or bronze.

We have equipped our fiber laser cutter with the DetectLine option, which allows us to manufacture pre-punched sheet metal, either machined or stemming from stamping processes, with positioning precision under 0.1mm.

Below is a video of a real manufacturing example at our facilities.

CNC bending

We own a 130 ton press brake that enables us to bend up to 12mm of any alloy.

Offline programming in the technical office of parts to be bent enables us to guarantee that the first part in the series is already a good part. Prototyping treated as a part in series.

Outsource production of the finished part to our facilities: we offer finished parts at extremely competitive prices.

Sheet metal machining

Don’t hesitate to inform us of any needs you have regarding finished parts. We own machinery capable of making threaded parts, countersunk items, indented perforations and even fixed joins with no need for soldering. Request a non-binding offer!

LCP Services

Technical advice

Laser cutting

CNC bending

Sheet metal processing