At Laser Cutting Partners we are fully committed to the environment and we are aware that resources are limited.

For this reason, we recycle 100% of the materials with which we work: all waste generated during production is collected and processed at metal recycling plants.

However, our commitment doesn’t stop there: we believe reducing resource consumption is one of the most efficient tools in the battle against climate change. Here at Laser Cutting Partners, we have reduced our use of paper during production to zero, while general use is limited to labels identifying parts, delivery notes and invoices for customers who request them.

If you would like your parts to be identified by laser marking using barcodes or QR codes, simply let us know and we will fully eliminate the use of paper in the production of your parts.

Finally, we fully reuse the packaging that reaches us. Every box, pallet and protective plastic item are reused to give them a new life and promote more rational, ecological and environmentally sustainable use.